Tough and Slim—the Pelican ProGear Protector Case for the iPhone 6.

This case is the perfect blend of protection/durability with a non-bulky, streamlined design—a simple, yet durable one-piece case.

While the Pelican Voyager seems to be, currently, a more popular option, the Protector is the true hidden gem for the iPhone 6, and 6 Plus. It is less bulky than the Voyager. It is one-piece and the Voyager is many pieces that snap together. The large “lip” on the outer edge of the front-side of the case is nice and allows for ample room to place your iPhone 6 face down if you desire. the lip is also large enough to provide support and aid in actually holding the large phone, either in portrait or landscape. The Pelican ProGear Protector employs a combination of hard plastic and durable, high-quality, rugged TPE rubber. When you put this case around your iPhone 6, you can understand why this stout yet svelte case has a lifetime guarantee—if you break it, Pelican will replace it, forever.

Pelican has been making extremely high quality cases for high-end cameras, laptops, firearms, and just about any type of equipment for over 35 years. Some of the features of this case include:

  • Tested to Military Specifications to survive multiple drops.
  • Impact absorbing TPE rubber lining protects electronics.
  • Angled edges divert energy and protects screen from surface contact.
  • Guaranteed for life.

This case might be more popular if it did not have an exclusive availability with AT&T. Yes, you have to go to an AT&T store to get the Pelican Protector. This case costs $40.00, which is $20 less than the Pelican Voyager.








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  1. Bill Reply

    I like this case because absolutely no one else has one. They did not sell well even though the case rocks.

  2. Daniel Reply

    I have this case and it does the job very well without being too bulky.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    This case is awesome. Yes, the buttons are hard to push. That is because the rubber is made to last a decade as opposed to a year, like the Otterbox defender crap.

    Try and bend this case when not on your iPhone, it is very sturdy for its size and weight. I am glad all the followers have not figured out this case, I like being different from the masses.

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