Small and Powerful Phones are the New Black.

With a timeless design and the most powerful performance of any phone currently available, the iPhone SE sets the new bar for the market to chase after–the mini or less-than 4.5 inch, flagship smartphone. Stealthy and incognito, it appears you are using an old, antiquated phone. (This is only because, in the phone world, we currently live in a bigger equals newer/better mindset.) But hiding within is a secret, super-fast flagship level device with great battery life, true one-handed use for all, and functional ergonomics. Like Gruber says, it just feels right. I went with the Tech 21 Evo Mesh case in clear/white, with the perfect amount of protection, style and slimness, it matches the SE perfectly. The iPhone SE also communicates, that, no, this is not my only computing device. It fits in all pockets–phablets are silly, they are excessive to the point of less functionality. Enough with the my wife…and the small hands….crap, the physical size of the SE just works, for anybody. Here come all the copy-cats.




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