Original iPhone to Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin I is the band’s rawest and most blues-based of their studio recordings. It is also, obviously, their first album. The first iPhone is the most low-technology (old, slow CPU, low resolution screen, limited functionality in the software) yet high hardware craftsmanship / durability / build quality to the point of being over-built.

Led Zeppelin I became the template for all future hard rock, even some punk rock—listen to Communication Breakdown. iPhone became the template for all future mobile phones/devices. Apple did not invent multi-touch with the iPhone, but they brought it to the world, as Apple did not invent MP3 players, but the brought them to the world.

Led Zeppelin, and their first album took hard rock to a whole new level of heaviness. Apple, and their first iPhone device took computing to a whole new level of mobile.

With Led Zeppelin’s first album, the undercurrent of “appropriation” of past musicians’ creations without giving credit, or paying royalty, exists. Led Zeppelin, especially on their debut and 2nd albums, borrowed heavily from past musicians from great and famous 1950’s American blues artists to more obscure psychedelic blues artists from the later 1960’s.

The original iPhone did borrow from certain sectors of earlier mobile device creators. Apple did not invent all the ideas that led to the revolutionary mobile device. Apple is mostly credited for bringing multi-touch touch screens to the world, and many think they invented the technology. But a company called Elan invented multi-touch, and they litigated against Apple and won a settlement. LG Electronics claimed the design of the iPhone was copied from the LG Prada—no litigation, no settlement, most likely a far-reaching accusation that could not be proven in a court. There are more examples of Apple paying out to the originators of certain intellectual properties.

Led Zeppelin, as Apple, did pay out to many originators/owners of lyrics/intellectual property, etc. which they happen to “borrow” from. Sorry, Willie Dixon (I Can’t Quit You Baby and You Shook Me), you had no strong copyright attorney back then and Led Zeppelin actually gave you credit. You would get your revenge on Led Zeppelin II, however.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Not many understand exactly what this famous quote by Picasso represents. What it means is…by stealing, one not only copies the idea, song or technology—one makes others think one is the owner and the originator of the idea, concept, music, lyric, lines of code, input technology, etc. Neither Apple or Led Zeppelin are only “stealing.” They incorporate sound, proven, great, older ideas, and from there add new ideas. The end result is a brilliant synergistic combination of proven, old and inventive new—thus bringing forth a truly original beast. This is ultimately how all great things come into being, nothing is created in an intellectual/musical vacuum, everything builds upon the past.

Multi-touch is to “You Shook Me.” iOS is to (oddly enough) “Communication Breakdown,” because both are true original greats! Large screen and (mostly) button-less design standard is to “Good Times Bad Times” It is Apple…and it is a Phone is to “Dazed and Confused.”


iPhone 3G to Led Zeppelin II

Huge momentum from first album/phone.

Both extremely good, but not much to say about either. Solid, not as revolutionary as the first, more “borrowing” from others. In comparison here, the album is better than the phone.

GPS or 3G Data as to “Whole Lotta Love.” (reaching here)


Phone 3GS to Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin’s sound was maturing and expressing a wide variety of musical influences—same could be said of the iPhone 3GS. Externally, both look the same as their prior offering, internally both have grown in ability. Led Zeppelin showing they have much more than appropriated power-blues-rock, and Apple showing they can substantially increase the internal processing power of their flagship hardware device, while outwardly looking the same.

PowerVR SGX535 graphics is to  “Since I’ve Been Loving You.” ARM Cortex-A  processor is to “Tangerine.”


iPhone 4 to Led Zeppelin IV (4)

Led Zeppelin IV regarded by most people as Led Zeppelin’s masterpiece. The iPhone 4, from a hardware design point of view—especially for the time, yet still enduring today, also considered Apple’s artistic and technological mobile phone masterpiece.

Led Zeppelin IV was a massive instant seller. It entered the UK chart at No. 1 and stayed on the chart for over 60 weeks. In the US it stayed on the charts longer than any other Led Zeppelin album and was the biggest selling album in the US not to reach number one in the US charts. Apple and its partner carriers received 600,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4 in the first 24 hours, the largest number of pre-orders Apple had received in a single day for any device up to that point.

Teasing the people: Led Zeppelin 4: In the lead-up to the album’s release, a series of teaser advertisements depicting each symbol was placed in the music press. The iPhone 4, two words: “Gizmodo leak,” enough said.

Apple A4 processor is to “Rock and Roll.” Chemically strengthened aluminosilicate glass (Gorilla Glass) on both the front and the back is to “When The Levee Breaks.” 5MP camera, front camera and rear LED flash is to “Black Dog.” 512MB Ram is to “Misty Mountain Hop.”  A stainless steel frame is to “Going to California.” 960×640, 326 PPI “Retina” IPS display is to “Stairway To Heaven.”



iPhone 4S to Houses of the Holy:

Both offerings arguably a bit better than their hugely successful former offerings, but most of the non-informed people out there were unaware.  The iPhone 4s looked exactly the same as the former iPhone 4, so only techies would notice the profound differences on the inside, same for Houses of the Holy, which is one of Led Zeppelin most under rated albums, even though most musical “techies” know better.

Apple A5 processor as to “Song Remains The Same.” Siri as to “Dancing Days.” PowerVR SGX543 graphics processing unit (GPU) as to “No Quarter.” 8MP camera as to “The Ocean.”


iPhone 5  to Physical Graffiti :

More, bigger yet lighter…double album, many musical styles expressed. 4 inch screen, screaming fast processor and graphics.

Huge commercial success:  Led Zeppelin album was a commercial and critical success.  When  released it reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Pop Albums chart. Physical Graffiti was the first album to go platinum on advance orders alone.

Two million iPhone 5 orders had been received in the first 24 hours.  AT&T said that the iPhone 5 was the fastest-selling iPhone the company had ever offered, selling over five million units on launch weekend and exceeding the supply available. Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti  has since proven to be one of the most popular releases by the group, shipping 8 million copies in the United States alone.

Apple A6 processor as to “In My Time of Dying.” 4 inch IPS screen as to “Kashmir.” 1 GB ram as to “In the light.” Lightning connector as to “Ten Years Gone.”

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  1. Music Critic Reply

    Let us hope the next 3 iPhone iterations are not as to “Presence,” “In through the Out Door,” and “Coda.”

  2. neon unicorn Reply

    Yes, the iPhone 4/S, from a purely aesthetic point-of-view, is the best looking telephone ever created. Nothing before or after, up to this moment in time, looks better and feels better in the hand (if a bit heavy) than the 4/S.

    Steel and Gorilla Glass -vs-Aluminum or plastic.

    Sure, it was the Fabergé egg of the smartphone world, but would you not like to have one?

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