Simple, yet a bit too convoluted for most people.

iPad Mini (Verizon LTE) + Google Voice + VOIP phoning app (Talkatone).

Double bonus because I have bad eyesight and iPhone screen is too small for me.

Sans all the jokes about carrying it around…I leave it in the car often. Or, Bluetooth/WiFi the free personal hotspot to my old iphone 4. Mini is wrapped in an Otterbox Defender and sometimes just carry it around like a small book. Fits in the pocket of most of my cargo shorts/pants…

Not doing much conventional phoning, anyway.

Done. For $20 bones a month.

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  1. Go Ogle Reply

    Soon one will need to replace Talkatone with Google Hangouts because Google Voice is cutting off access to 3rd part VOIP apps starting March, 15, 2014.

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