Gold iPhones and Automobiles

Driving in my car, I see gold-colored newer model automobiles everywhere. I never saw all of these gold cars, trucks and SUV’s until I mentioned this in a previous “Gold iPhone” thread at a popular Apple rumors website. Look at all the gold cars. This is especially true if looking for various versions of the color gold, and not just one preconceived color of gold. I think only hipsters claim to not like the color gold. I am a hipster myself, I do not like the color of gold, most all versions of it, but look at all the gold cars…….

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  1. neon unicorn Reply

    I see them also. some idiot at cultofmac wrote an absurd blog saying otherwise. But I see various versions of gold colored cars all around. cars from the 1990s, 2000s, and modern cars.

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