For UI & UX Design, Complex Drawing is a Waste of Time

I am taking about this shit above (and and below), and only in the context of app development.

Alex -Deruette-sketch


Whatever your sentiments to the craft of drawing may be, in terms of UI development, in the here-and-now, this stuff is almost pompous. Like most all the crap seen here except for a few. Most people under the age of 35, and many over that age, who are not illustrators themselves cannot even relate to drawings or sketches.

There is a distinction to be made. Very quick brainstorming notes like this example have their place. But not this grandiose old-school drafting shit. We do not have time for an “Ode to Past Masters.”  You need to Agile-up.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Love it!!! 🙂 😀 Have always thought it, just never said it…(well, out loud anyway)

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